• RACE DATE: Saturday, April 29, 2017
  • START/FINISH: Reehers Camp
  • CHECK-IN (required of all racers!): 5:00-5:45AM
  • START TIME: 6:00AM
  • FINAL CUT OFF: 8:00 PM (14 hour time limit for all participants).

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The 50 Miler is a challenging, beautiful course run on 40 miles of twisting forested single-track trail and 10 miles of scenic forest/jeep road. Runners will cross many small streams, see multiple waterfalls, cruise along dozens of miles of creekside trail and soak in some very scenic territorial views. The trails are generally very runnable, hilly and soft with great footing, although there are some technical sections with rocks and roots. Expect some long climbs and descents, especially on the second half of the course. Overall, this will be one heck of a great day to suffer! Expect ~9300 ft. of ascent and  ~9300 ft. of descent.

Race Course By Section: 

Start to Aid Station 1 (Bell Camp): Runners start from Reehers Camp on Gales Creek Trail south to the Step Creek Trail junction at 1.2 miles, then complete the Step Creek Trail loop before reconnecting with Gales Creek Trail, and continue to Bell Camp Aid Station, ascending ~1500ft in 2.3 miles along the way.

Aid Station 1 to 2 (Storey Burn): Participants continue south on Gales Creek Trail, a long rolling and twisting descent  on sweet creekside single track for 6 miles, then onto Storey Burn Trail, for a two mile climb up to Storey Burn Aid Station (drop bag available).

Aid Station 2 to 3 (Saddle Mtn Road): Runners continue south on Storey Burn Trail, then turn left and travel clockwise around the local classic Historic Hiking Loop trail, stopping halfway around at Saddle Mountain Aid Station.

Aid Station 3 to 4 (Storey Burn "2"): Continuing the Historic Hiking Loop, runners will do a short out-and-back to University Falls (a course highlight), then complete the Historic loop and reconnect back onto Storey Burn Trail for two miles to Storey Burn Aid Station "2" (drop bag available) at 27.3 miles on the course.

Aid Station 4 to 5 (Larch Mtn): Departing Storey Burn Aid Station, runners get some quick miles and open views on the hilly forest roads (mixed gravel/dirt) of the Larch Mountain loop, beginning with cliffside views along the Drift Creek Canyon road and a clockwise trek on Larch Mountain Road, including a .5 mile out-and-back up to Larch Mountain Aid Station. 

Aid Station 5 to 6 (Storey Burn "3"): From Larch Mountain Aid Station, runners complete the forest road loop by dropping down a steep, rocky double track, then reconnect with the Drift Creek Canyon road to Storey Burn Aid Station "3" (drop bag available). There is a strict 4:00PM CUTOFF at this Aid Station.

Aid Station 6 to 7 (Bell Camp "2"): Leave Storey Burn Aid Station heading back north on Storey Burn Trail with a sweet rolling descent for 2 miles, then a gradual ascent over the next six miles on Gales Creek Trail back to Bell Camp Aid Station.

Aid Station 7 to Finish: One beastly, 1500' bombing descent on the last 3.5 miles back to Reehers Camp for the finish! 

Course Map:

Click on the course map or the elevation profile image for full-screen view or to save a copy.


Aid stations will be stocked with amazing volunteers, energy gels in a variety of flavors, electrolyte drink and other ultra fare. Please bring your own aid and utilize your drop bag at Storey Burn Aid Station if you have special needs.

Aid Station Total Distance (mi) Full Aid Restroom Drop Bag Crew Cutoff
Start 0 -- Yes -- --
Bell Camp 6.7 Yes No No No
Storey Burn 14.9 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Saddle Mountain 21.2 Yes No No No
Storey Burn (2) 27.3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Larch Mountain 34.4 Yes No No No
Storey Burn (3) 38.3 Yes Yes Yes Yes 4:00PM
Bell Camp (2) 46.5 Yes No No No 7:00PM
Finish 50.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes 8:00PM


The race will start promptly at 6:00AM (there is no early start), with a 14-hour final cutoff at 8:00PM.   If you do not leave Storey Burn (3) Aid Station by 4:00PM, you will be pulled from the course by the Aid Station Captain. Please respect the time and safety of our extremely valuable volunteers, so they aren’t out there longer than what is reasonable and expected. Participants arriving at the finish after 8:00PM will be recorded as a DNF in official race results. Thank you for your understanding on this. 


Please be sure to mark your single drop bag with your name. Only one drop bag is allowed per runner, as they all go to Storey Burn Aid Station (utilized 3 times on the course). Place your drop bags in the drop bag area at Check-in by 5:45 a.m. the morning of the race. Drop bags are returned to the Start/Finish after the Storey Burn Aid Station closes at 4:00PM. Please do not put anything in your bag that you can’t afford to lose, and note that the race is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged drop bags or contents.


The only crew-accessible area allowed on the course is at Storey Burn Aid Station, which will be utilized by runners three times along the course. Parking is limited, so plan your stops accordingly. Crews are not allowed at any other point on the course or at other aid stations, no exceptions.

Crew Map to Storey Burn Aid Station: https://goo.gl/maps/AR1NursddUQ2

Directions to Storey Burn Aid Station: Leaving the Start/Finish, go east on Cochran Road 2.2 miles back to Timber, then turn right (south) on Timber Rd and follow for 6.5 miles to Highway 6. Turn right (west) on Highway 6, go 6.0 miles to the summit parking area on the right. From the parking area continue west onto the gravel Storey Burn Road, and follow for 2.0 miles to the Storey Burn Trailhead parking area.   Allow 35 minutes from Reehers Camp to Storey Burn Aid Station.


1. No course cutting, especially switchbacks. Please stay on the trail at all times. 

2. No pacers. The event permit only allows for race participants on the course.

3. No aid outside of established aid stations. 

4. No crewing runners outside of designated crew access aid stations. 

5. No littering on course.

6. Always yield right to runners passing on trail, both from behind and on out-and-back sections.


  • This event is located entirely on the Tillamook State Forest, managed by the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF).

  • You will be running on a multi-use trail where mountain bikers and horses may be encountered. Horses should be approached in a slow and calm manner for safety. The Historic Hiking Loop crosses multiple forest roads and off-highway vehicle (OHV) trails-- caution must be used at all crossings.

  • In accordance with State and Federal law and Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. ODF is an equal opportunity provider and employer.